One of the great things about fashion is that it is one of the truest forms of self-expression. What you choose to wear on any given day says a lot about who you are, who you want to be, and what you want to communicate about yourself to the world. As Danielle Bernstein creator of the great blog WeWoreWhat said, “Fashion definitely tells a story… you can sort of tell by the way it’s put together what mood I’m in or the way I’m feeling… Fashion is a voice without words… a feeling that you’re expressing on your body.” 

I think Danielle summed up perfectly some of the messages that can be communicated through what we wear, and I plan to share my own personal style through this blog in the hope that it will make everyday dressing easier for women everywhere. Although I haven’t quite gotten the courage yet to take pictures of myself, I can share current trends, outfits, and pieces that I love with you.

Right now, I’m a little bit obsessed with the reinvention of the boyfriend jean. This trend first started about five years ago and could be seen on celebrities and real girls everywhere. I remember buying a pair of Current Elliotts that were way too big for me and that I ripped in the knee almost as soon as I put them on but I’m glad to announce that boyfriend jeans are back in a big way (were they ever out?!) and in a more figure flattering fit.

Although I’ve always loved the comfort of boyfriend jeans, in the past I often found that they overwhelmed my small frame. However, the new boyfriend jean has been reinvented so that they taper in at the ankle creating a more figure flattering silhouette. Paired with a great top, awesome clutch, and killer heels I believe they offer the perfect mix of cute and casual dressing. 

Here is an outfit I plan on wearing soon:


J.Crew Tilda Rhinestone Top $128.00 (USD)


Gap Sexy Boyfriend Jean in Laguna Blue Wash $69.95 (USD)



Schutz Irma Pump in Tropical Green/Anis $175.00 (USD) 


Let me know what you all think of boyfriend jeans in the comments section below. I personally can’t wait to wear mine this spring.





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