Although not as practical as your everyday tote, sometimes (or all of the time) a girl needs to have a little fun…enter the clutch. Personally, I love clutches. They force you to pair down what you need to the essentials and are a great way to add some pizazz and personality to any outfit.

Right now I am in love with “see-through” perspex and lucite clutches. Although many designers have tried their hand at these fun plastic creations  my personal favorites come from designers Charlotte Olympia, Kotur, and Mno.Logie (customed perspex creations straight from Bali!)

See these pictures below for some of my personal favorites:



Charlotte Olympia Scent Perfume Clutch in Yellow $1295 (USD)


Charlotte Olympia Perfume Clutch in Pink $1295


Kotur Glitter Globe Perspex Box Clutch $395


Mno.Logie Gold White Petal Personalized Perspex Acrylic Clutch $90

As Rachel Zoe would say, “I die”… but hopefully I’ll own my very own Mno.Logie personalized clutch very soon and the rest are already on my wish list (Santa do you hear me?)




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