Trending: Over-The-Knee-Socks
I’m not sure if it’s due to the slightly chillier summer weather here, my love of fall clothes, or my recent obsession with 90’s style (see my last post on crop tops) but I have grown enamored with over the knee socks. Not only are they stylish, cute, and dare I say it – a little bit sexy, but they can also help to keep you warm all year round.  So how does one wear over the knee socks without looking like a school girl or a tart? I am still in the process of testing my socks out with different outfits but here are some things I’ve learned along the way:
1) Wear them with confidence. This is a general style rule but I find it particularly important when wearing over the knee socks. I consider over the knee socks to be a fairly bold statement piece, and as a result, it’s important to own them.
2) Opt for flat shoes instead of heels. Heels can take the look from cute and casual to juvenile and lady of the night. Try a pair of oxfords, penny loafers, brogues, or ankle boots instead (with ankle boots a bit of a platform or a chunkier heel can work as well.) Tall boots also look great if they have a flat heel and just a bit of your sock is peeking out over top.
3) Sport a more conservative top. Since you want to show off your socks, over the knee socks are normally paired with shorter skirts and dresses. As a result, I try not to wear mine with anything too tight or revealing.
4) Don’t wear them too high up on your thigh. Just a bit above the knee will do the trick.
5) Layer, Layer, Layer. Don’t be afraid to layer your socks over a pair of sheer tights. This is actually one of my favorite ways to wear them and can help to create visual interest in an outfit.
6) Less is more. As mentioned above I consider over the knee socks to be somewhat of a statement piece. As a result, if I am wearing patterned clothing I tend to pick a more neutral sock. However, if you’re wearing neutral clothes it can be fun to pick a more adventurous pair of socks (think argyle and other fun patterns in different colors.)
I created a look on Polyvore above to demonstrate one way to wear over the knee socks and the exact items can be found below. What do you guys think of this trend? Will you be wearing over the knee socks anytime soon or sticking to basic tights and ankle socks? Let me know in the comments below.

The Row merino wool shirt

Dorothy Perkins black skirt

Above the knee socks

Vince Camuto high heels

Lanvin handbag




One of my favorite past times is browsing style blogs and getting inspiration from what fashionable women everywhere are wearing. There are a few main style bloggers that I follow avidly who I hope to share with you on ALLTHATGLITTERS89. One of my favorite fashion bloggers is the beautiful and brilliant Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Vintage

Hailing from Australia, Warne’s fashion aesthetic is in my opinion, unflappable. With model-esque good looks and a killer wardrobe this girl can just do no wrong.  Quitting her job in 2009, Warne opened an online vintage store (Gary Pepper Vintage) and started her fashion blog which, has become a visual fashion diary on the same day. 

Although I could spend quite a bit of time describing why I’ve become such a fan of hers, I think pictures tend to speak a thousand words and will do a much better job of explaining why I think her style is so fantastic.

Check out some of my favorite looks of hers below:





I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak into Nicole’s amazing style and will take the time to check out her blog and gain some fashion inspiration. I know looking at her website always inspires me to dress better and consistently reminds me of why I find fashion and personal style such a wonderful thing.




Although sporting a crop top can seem like a daunting task for even the skinniest of women, I have to admit that I’ve been dying to bring out my inner Kelly Kapowski ever since the crop top made its come back this spring.

The difference between the crop tops in style now and the infamous t-shirt of the 90s is how women are choosing to wear them. When paired with a high waisted skirt or tailored trousers, the crop top can look down right elegant instead of trashy or like you just stepped off the set of Clueless.

Of course there are no hard and fast rules to how things should be worn but these are the rules I tend to abide by when sporting a midriff baring top:

1. Avoid showing your belly button. I think a hint of skin often leaves just enough to the imagination and can help you toe the line between being elegant and showing off too much skin. The area of your stomach just above your belly button is often the skinniest part of your body and can help you to avoid feeling self conscience about pesky little things like love handles. If you’re like me, this is a VERY good thing.

2. Avoid wearing anything too short (i.e. shorts or mini skirts.) I like to pair crop tops with high-waisted trousers and high waisted skirts with a longer hemline. As mentioned above this helps to leave just enough to the imagination and can inspire a 50’s glamour effect that will make you look like a modern pin up instead of an extra off the set of an 80’s music video.

3. Experiment and have fun! Crop tops aren’t meant to be taken seriously and trust me, if worn correctly they look good on just about everyone.

Some of my favorite cropped looks include:


This amazing Ginger & Smart outfit worn by Australian model Natalie Cantell

and I plan on wearing this outfit out to dinner very soon:


American Apparel Short Sleeved Crop Top in White ($30.00 CDN)


Club Monaco Bette Lace Skirt ($149.50 CDN )


Zara Suede Strappy Sandals in Blue ($59.50 CDN)

Do you dare to bare? Let me know how you feel about the reemergence of crop tops in the comments section below.