Like most little girls I was enamored with the ballet and loved all the wonderful costumes that the dancers got to wear. As an adult, my obsession with tulle tutu-esque skirts has yet to disappear and I believe they are a necessary edition to every woman’s wardrobe. Wearing a tulle skirt often goes two ways : you can either look like you’re playing dress up and like a walking cupcake or you can look sophisticated and chic.  For me there has always been something wonderfully romantic and elegant about a great tulle skirt and when paired with the right top and accessories the end result is nothing short of fabulous.

Some of my favorite ways of wearing tulle can be seen below:


Blair Eadie from the blog Atlantic-Pacific sporting a tulle skirt from Anthropogie


Sara from the blog Collage Vintage wearing a tulle skirt from ASOS

ImageJacey from the blog Damsel in Dior wearing a tulle skirt from Anthropologie 

Hopefully this post will bring out the inner ballerina in you. I know I want to and can’t wait to re-create one of these looks soon.




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