Seeing as Halloween is over it’s obviously time to start thinking about the holidays. Or at least that is what almost every retailer would like us to believe. So I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and begin compiling my Christmas wish list. This year, above all I would like to get accepted into graduate school and be able to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Fashion Studies starting next fall.

However, if you’re going to ask me about the material things I would like this holiday season please see my list below:

1) I have always had a penchant for a great handbag. These are the ones that I’m coveting most this season:


Salvatore Ferragamo Flap Bag $966.46 CDN 


Salvatore Ferragamo Large Vera Flap Bag $910.44 CDN 


Miu Miu Madras Cross Body Bag $1386.67 CDN 


Fendi 2Jours Elite Small Leather Shopper $1918.37 CDN 


Mulberry Lily Textured Leather Shoulder Bag $1300 CDN


Chloe Medium Elsie Shoulder Bag $1560.71 CDN

2) A great pair of black flats and am loving this pair from Salvatore Ferragamo:


Salvatore Ferragamo Varina Classic Bow Flats $490.18 CDN

Of course, Christmas isn’t all about the presents. Even though I love giving and receiving gifts, for me Christmas has always been about spending time with those that I love most.

So here’s hoping that I will be able to live out my dreams this year/next year and get into graduate school and be able to pursue my masters degree, and if I’m very lucky perhaps I’ll get one of these items on my wish list as the extra cherry on top (Santa do you hear me?)



P.S. Let me know what you guys are coveting this holiday season!


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